Love Always Wins 36x36 Original Artwork on Canvas

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"Love Always Wins!"

This original is a bright and vivid expression of the eternity of trials and tribulations won by an extraordinary love!

No matter the circumstance, or what the circumstance my look like in the moment - in the end of all ends - LOVE Always Wins!

In all things, just come back to love. Follow your heart until you remember exactly who you are! Ask and pray to see all that you need to see - Open the eyes to YOUR Heart!

36x36” original acrylic with gold leaf painting on canvas comes wired and ready to hang as soon as it arrives in your home. Sealed with a transparent satin acrylic layer which is breathable, permanent and protects against UV damage.

Packaged securely and professionally with a few surprise goodies included from my home to yours! This painting is a one-off original and cannot be reproduced.

If you love it, collect it!

  • No Prints Available

I can't wait for you to enjoy this in your home! Please allow a few weeks for varnishing, packaging, and delivery. Ships signed front and back, ready to hang.

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